How is this different than Sherpa Share, Hurdlr, Quick Books Self Employed, Mileag IQ, or all the other “mileage tracking apps” available?

This is our #1 question and the very reason for creating Driving Proftiz.  The biggest difference is that we do not focus on “mileage tracking” which is mostly used for tax deduction purposes.  We do this too, but we focus on helping you see exactly how PROFITABLE your rides are so you can actually know your exact “Dollars Per Hour” income (trust us, it’s not what Uber & Lyft are promoting).  Driving Profitz is your answer to the, “is this worth it?” question.


Uber & Lyft tell me how much I make after each ride… why do I need this app?

Our #2 question!  After interviewing hundreds of drivers we found that many people don’t even consider PROFIT before signing up to drive with Uber or Lyft… we get it, many times it’s just a means to an end… and, most are simply drawn to the (often misleading) promotional income claims of $30 + per hour!  But, after about 3 months of driving (Honeymoon Phase) drivers start to question “how much am I actually taking home, after taxes/insurance/gas/maintenance/ etc.  What we found is that often times a driver thinks he is making $20/hour (because that’s what Uber shows them), but in reality he is only making $10/hour after all the expenses (sometimes much less).  Now you have to ask yourself some questions:

  1. What’s my time worth?  Can I do something better that actually pays more?  Should I even bother doing this anymore?

  2. I actually love doing this work, how do I find ways to make more money and increase my dollars per hour?

  3. How can I leverage driving to get to another level in life?

Driving Proftiz will give you the answers and solutions to all these questions because we show you what Uber & Lyft cannot… YOUR BOTTOM LINE PROFIT & REAL TIME INCOME!

When will the APP be launching?

As of right now we are still developing the tech but, we have fully launched our “Profitz Training Center” which is part of our Blog.  So get signed up now, head over to the Blog, and get engaged… we’ll keep you posted on all launch updates - it’s coming soon!


How much does it cost?

It’s free to a limited group of VIP Beta Team Members who will be locked in for “lifetime access”... so make sure to get signed up now, space is limited & after our Beta Launch the price will be set.  Note: there will always be a FREE limited version, then some other levels of access but it will always be very affordable for drivers - We understand PROFIT!


Is it just for knowing profit or does it tell me anything else about driving in my area?

So much more!  Real-Time Profit analysis is just the beginning… the in-depth data & metrics will break down EVERYTHING about your personal driving so you can know with certainty what you are doing and, absolutely make better decisions about how you drive!  Check out the video here:


How Can I Get Involved?

If you are a driver (or even a loyal Uber / Lyft Rider) and want to help us promote to other drivers in your area, we have some really cool opportunities for you.  Just shoot us an email at: info@drivingprofitz.com and put PROMOTIONS + your city in the subject line.  

We will contact you to discuss the options!

Won’t Uber & Lyft be upset about this kind of technology?

Possibly… however, that is not our intention.  Driving Profitz exists for one purpose - To Empower Independent Drivers!  As expert drivers we know how painful & stressful it can be to have to rely on Uber & Lyft to provide us with good opportunity for income while KNOWING that they truly do not have our backs, and that they absolutely exert a degree of control and manipulation on drivers!  Everything they do is designed to make them money, most often times at the expense of their drivers.  The only reason drivers never can affect any change is that they have nothing that backs up their stance… until now!  Driving Profitz is designed to give every driver their specific, individual driving data, and together with the entire Driving Profitz community we will finally be able to PROVE to the world what we know… our actual driving data does not reflect the manipulated data that Uber & Lyft promote… Our intention is that the Uber’s & Lyft’s who we depend on (and who depend on us) will actually embrace this technology, that they will acknowledge our challenges as drivers, and hopefully affect some positive changes in their operating policies that will help us, so we can all prosper!  

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